Water Bills Assistance for Veterans

Many of us believe that water is easily accessible in this country, but it’s not always the case. Veterans with financial difficulties may be unable to pay their water bills, causing their provider to cut off their connection. Water bills assistance is available for veterans. It can be a lifesaver in keeping water flowing.

Many cities in the United States will not allow you to go for very long without paying your bill. If you are behind on your bill, even if it is small, your water will be cut off. Usually, they will send you a warning that your water is in danger and then shut down the connection on the day specified. You may have to pay an extra fee in some cities to turn it back on. Water bills assistance for veterans may help you to avoid disconnection.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Veterans with at least one dependent minor child may be eligible for cash assistance under the TANF Program. The program offers cash grants to those who meet the requirements. These can be used towards a wide range of expenses including veterans’ assistance with water bills. In most states, you can only receive TANF grants for 60 months in your lifetime. You must have a low-income, be a legal immigrant or citizen, and have an unmarried minor child living in your home to qualify. You can apply for TANF through your local department of social services. Every state has the program.

General Assistance

General Assistance, a federally-funded program similar to TANF, provides cash assistance to those who meet the requirements. Cash can be used to pay for everyday expenses such as water bills. General Assistance is different from TANF because you do not need to have minor children at home. General Assistance is not offered in all states, but it is available in most. Some states offer monthly cash assistance while others give a one-time payment to help you with your financial situation. Ask your local social service department if there is a state-sponsored General Assistance Program.

Catholic Charities

They have offices all over the country. Catholic Charities has a number of programs that help people in their financial difficulties, such as water bill assistance for veterans. They aim to end poverty by helping people in their communities. Find the nearest Catholic Charities location and contact them to inquire about receiving help.

Water Providers

Veterans can get help with their water bills from many water providers. Call your provider if you’re having trouble paying your water bill. There may be programs available for low-income individuals, such as payment assistance, payment plan options, or other options. You may also learn about other local programs that offer water bill assistance to veterans.

Local Churches

Many churches in the United States offer financial assistance to people who are low-income and in need. In your locality, there are probably churches that offer assistance with water bills. Ask local churches if they provide bill payment assistance to those in financial hardship. Some churches offer such programs. Those that don’t can point you to other churches or organizations that do.