Electric Bills Assistance for Veterans

Veterans in all parts of the country may have high electric bills. Extreme temperatures, like being extremely cold or very hot, can be expensive. The energy bill keeps rising as the heater and air conditioner try to make the home comfortable. There are programs that can ease the burden on veterans to pay their electric bills and keep the heating and cooling systems running.

When temperatures rise or fall, electric bills can increase quickly. The cost of electricity can be high depending on where you live. Veterans who already struggle to pay their bills may find it difficult to cope with such large electric bills. They can’t choose whether to pay the bill or use the service. Some people can freeze, or suffer dangerous heat. 

You will also receive a notice if you don’t pay your electric bill. This means you cannot continue to use the service after the due date. Electric bills assistance for veterans helps keep the unit operating, while making it easier for those in need to pay the bill.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

There is a government program that pays energy bills to those in financial need. If you are eligible, LIHEAP will pay your energy bills. Payments are made on your behalf directly to your provider of energy. The program will require you to apply every year. LIHEAP funds are limited. Grants will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis until the fund runs out. 

You must be a low-income person, a legal immigrant or citizen, and responsible for the electric bill to qualify for a LIHEAP Grant. Program funds are distributed in different locations within each state and each has a separate application window. Some states only pay winter energy bills, while others also offer assistance with summer bills. You must first find the local LIHEAP administrator. You can apply online or in person at most offices.

Public Utilities Assistance

In every state, veterans can get help with their electric bills. Names of programs can vary from state to state. Some may refer to them as LIHEAP while others call it HEAP. The government’s energy assistance website can help you find programs in your state.

Utility Companies

Veterans can get help with their electric bills through many utility companies. Call your electric company and tell them your financial situation to find out about the programs that are available. You may receive assistance with paying your bills, be informed about community-based bill-paying programs or get a payment plan that reduces your monthly bill. You can also get help with weatherization, which will help to keep your monthly bill down.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Veterans with at least one dependent minor child may qualify for TANF assistance. The federally-funded program, which is offered across the country, provides monthly cash grants to those who meet eligibility requirements. Cash grants can be used for living expenses including energy bills. 

The amount of money you get depends on your monthly income and the number of dependents living in your household. You must meet low-income requirements and be either a legal immigrant or a citizen to qualify. The majority of people can only receive the cash for 60 months. You can submit your application in person by visiting the local office of social services.