Salvation Army Assistance Programs for Veterans

The Salvation Army can help veterans in need across the nation. It is a Protestant organization with locations all over the world. Since 1865 they have been helping those in need. Salvation Army programs of assistance for veterans are a valuable resource for people in need.

The Salvation Army

Salvation Army headquarters are in Britain, however they also have offices all over America. The Salvation Army’s annual fundraising method of ringing bells and using red kettles is well-known to many people. Every December in the lead up to Christmas, this event takes place. This fundraising event helps raise a large amount of money that is then donated to veterans and others who are in need. Salvation Army locations are located all over the United States. Each Salvation Army location offers different services, depending on local needs.

Salvation Army Assistance Programs for Veterans

Homeless assistance

The Salvation Army provides homeless shelters at many locations. Shelters provide beds to those in need of a safe place to sleep. They also provide hot meals and showers to improve the situation of those who need it. The program helps homeless veterans become independent and find affordable housing.

Addiction recovery programs

Veterans often struggle with substance abuse issues which prevent them from reaching their financial and personal goals. The Salvation Army provides addiction recovery programs to those ready for help. Around 150,000 people are helped by their addiction recovery program each year. The program’s addiction recovery program is based on counseling and holistic therapy.

Work skills

Salvation Army’s work program is a great option for veterans who need to improve their skills in order to find a job or advance. The Salvation Army’s work program will allow people to build on their existing skills and help them find employment that can help them become self-sufficient.

Veteran specific programs

The Salvation offers programs that are designed to specifically help veterans. Each year, their Salvation Army offers Veterans-specific programs. Their veteran programs provide shelters and adult rehab centers each year. These centers help veterans with PTSD and/or alcohol and drug addiction. These programs aim to assist veterans in overcoming these conditions so that they can return home to live with their families.

Additional services

The Salvation Army strives to serve the community. They offer a variety of services, including emergency assistance and custom solutions. Paying bills, getting food and wheelchair assistance are some of the services that they offer to veterans. The person is evaluated to see what they need to do to improve the situation. They have the best interests of their clients at heart, whether it is to help pay an energy bill or get a food box for home.

Holiday programs

Veterans often need help during the holiday season. The Salvation Army can help those who want to make Christmas special for their kids. The Salvation Army’s holiday program can help with gifts for your family and holiday meals, as well as help pay winter heating bills. The bill-paying program, food and grocery assistance program, and angel tree program all combine to make sure you enjoy a wonderful holiday even when you’re having financial difficulties.