LIHEAP Energy Assistance Program for Veterans

Energy bills are one bill they may need help paying. Heating and cooling bills are the main source of energy bills. Veterans can get help paying their energy bills with the LIHEAP program. The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a federally funded program available in various forms across the United States. In most states, the program is called LIHEAP. In some states, the program is called the Home Energy Assistance Program. Other states have similar programs, but all offer some form of LIHEAP energy assistance for veterans.

What is LIHEAP

Heating or cooling is essential in these places, which can be very cold or hot. Phoenix, for example, can have temperatures of over 100 degrees during the summer. If you don’t have heat or air conditioning, these extreme temperatures can be dangerous. The government created LIHEAP in order to ensure that people have the energy they need to remain warm and comfortable during extreme temperatures.

Every year, the government provides LIHEAP grants to millions of people across the country. In 2018, the government spent $3.64billion, and in 2019, $3.69billion on grants. The LIHEAP administrative organization around the country receives large block grants, which they use to help pay people’s energy bills. Veterans who need energy assistance can benefit from the LIHEAP program.

Veterans can get more help from the LIHEAP program than just paying their energy bills. Weatherization services can also help you lower your monthly bill. The program also helps those with low income who need to repair or replace their heating and cooling systems.

Eligibility Requirements

The LIHEAP requirements. Qualifications include having a low income and being responsible for the payment of the energy bill. Low income guidelines are used to determine whether your income is low enough. The amount of energy grants you will receive is determined by the number of household members and your income. The preference is given to people who are elderly, disabled or have young children.

Additional LIHEAP Information

LIHEAP funds are limited across the nation, and most grants are awarded on a “first come, first served” basis. You must apply within the specified time frame for each state. Each state has a window for applying.

All LIHEAP grants for veterans go directly to the energy providers, and the payment is credited to your account. The grant is not given to the consumer. Some states provide more help depending on where you live. It is important to reapply each year, or every season to ensure that you receive the grant as long as needed.

Application for LIHEAP

Everyone who meets the guidelines for low income can apply for the LIHEAP program. You must first find out which state administers the program before you can apply. This information can be obtained online or through your local social service office or community action office. You can get help with your bills by applying for a LIHEAP Grant. To apply, click here.