Housing Assistance for Veterans

There are thousands upon thousands of homeless veterans in the United States. Even more veterans struggle to pay their bills each month, even though they own a home. The housing costs are rising, but wages are not keeping pace. This adds to the financial burden many people feel. Housing assistance is available for veterans. It can mean the difference between them being homeless or having a home to sleep in every night.

Veterans may face financial difficulties and struggle to pay for their housing due to a variety of reasons. It’s vital that veterans know what resources are available to assist them in their housing needs, regardless of why they may be experiencing financial hardship. Housing assistance is available for veterans from the federal government and states, as well through charities.

Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD is federally funded and has the mission to help end homelessness in America. HUD offers programs that help people find affordable housing, pay rent, prevent foreclosures, get home repairs and avoid foreclosure. You can find Section 8 housing and public housing in your area. They can also help pay for rent through a voucher. You must be in the low-income bracket to qualify for HUD’s programs. You must first contact a HUD counselor in your state to apply for housing assistance. The counselor will guide you through the process and assess your housing and financial needs.

Local Public Housing Authority

Each state has a Public Housing Authority that provides housing assistance to people living in the area. You can find affordable housing, public housing, and other local housing assistance programs. Contact your local public housing authority to ask about assistance with housing. There are programs in every location that will help those with low incomes.

Gary Sinise Foundation

Veterans who have suffered severe combat injuries may be eligible for housing assistance under the Gary Sinise Foundation’s program Specially Adapted Smart Home. The program assists severely injured veterans with housing needs. The program provides mortgage-free homes that are specially adapted for those who qualify. You must have suffered a severe injury after 9/11 to qualify for the program. Online applications are available for the Housing Program.

VA Housing Assistance

Housing assistance is available for veterans from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This program offers grants for service-related disabilities, home repair and maintenance, and even help to build or maintain your current home. The program offers housing assistance grants and home loan benefits. It also provides help to families of veterans. To find out if the VA Housing Assistance Program can assist you, contact them. They should be able to assist you with affordable housing or purchasing a home. The programs are available online.

Hero Homes

This program assists veterans with housing needs. The program will help veterans purchase homes and also give them to veterans. All veterans who meet the criteria are eligible for assistance from this organization. The program is funded through donations. 

Hero Homes builds homes for veterans with the help of others in the community. All of the homes provided to veterans by the Hero Homes program are located in the vicinity of Washington DC. Online applications are available for the Hero Homes Program.