Free Legal Assistance for Veterans

Veterans may avoid legal matters because they feel it is too costly to obtain legal help. There is free legal aid for veterans. This can be a great way to access the legal support you need without having to break the bank.

Anybody who has had to hire a lawyer knows how expensive it can be. Even for minor issues, bills can quickly add up. Many people cannot afford to hire an attorney because they charge so much for their services. Veterans can get the guidance and advice they need for free, without having to pay a large bill. It is important to note that free legal services for veterans are often referred to as “pro bono.”

American Bar Association

National organizations provide a number of tools that can help veterans receive free legal aid. The organization offers access to legal assistance, including lawyers who offer their services at a reduced rate. You can also get information on pro bono lawyers and ask a lawyer a question for free. They offer free services.

US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Veterans can get free legal help from the VA. Veterans will be able to get the legal assistance they need. Services are available at certain VA facilities as well as the Veterans Justice Outreach Center. The list includes free legal clinics. You should be able to find legal help near you using their list.

State Bar Associations

State bars are found in every state. State Bars are an organization which oversees attorneys in a state. The State Bar is a great resource to find free legal help for veterans. You can get their assistance by contacting the state bar in your state. Ask them what pro bono lawyers are available in your area. You should be able get the names and phone numbers of attorneys who provide free legal assistance in your locality.

State Legal Aid Offices

Legal aid offices are available in all states and provide free legal assistance to those with low income. Their attorneys can answer all your questions and give you guidance on your case. Around the country, there are 134 independent offices that provide legal assistance. Contact the office in your area.

College Law Programs

Many colleges in the United States have law programs that provide free legal assistance. Usually, it is the law students that provide free legal services to veterans. You benefit from free legal advice, while the law students gain experience working on cases. Ask the universities in your area if there is a law school and, if so, whether they provide free legal assistance.

The organization can help veterans find free legal aid. This program can help you find answers to your legal questions for free. The service is free.