Child Care Assistance for Veterans

Millions of people consider child care to be an expensive expense. Veteran families may be struggling financially, and child care costs can make it worse. Child care assistance is available for veterans to help them afford the care they need. These programs can help those who have young children afford childcare so they can go to school or work.

The average monthly cost for child care is $972. The cost of child-care can be a significant part of a parent’s salary, depending on their income. Many people believe that it is not worth working if they have small children because child care costs take up most of their income. You can get help if the cost of child care is a burden. Child care assistance is available for veterans across the country. This funding comes mainly from the federal and the state governments.

Federal Child Care Assistance

Child care assistance is available to all citizens of the United States. You must meet certain income requirements to qualify for assistance. To receive assistance, the child care center that you choose must be approved by them. Each state has its own eligibility requirements. Find out what the requirements and application process are in your state by searching online.

Head Start Programs

Early education programs are designed to prepare children for school. In a daycare, they will be taught some basic skills that will benefit them in kindergarten. The program is very similar to preschool but it’s funded by the government for low-income families. The program is free and open to all children between the ages of one and five. You must meet certain income requirements to qualify for Head Start.

Pre-Kindergarten Programs

Some states provide free childcare through Pre-Kindergarten or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten. Most of these programs are open to all, regardless of your income. All residents of the state are entitled to send their 4-year old child for free to VPK to help prepare them for kindergarten. 

These programs are funded by the federal and state governments and help to prepare children for school. VPK programs may be offered in child care centers or schools. You can apply online for VPK in some states, but others require you to go through a short interview.

Military Child Care Fee Assistance Programs

Veterans and active military personnel are eligible for special assistance with child care. This program helps you pay for child care in your locality. The eligibility requirements will vary depending on the branch of service you are in. Online applications are available for these programs.

Child Care Tax Credit

You can receive a tax credit if you need to pay for childcare. You can apply for the Child Care Tax Credit by filing your taxes and keeping track of all your child care costs. The Child Care Tax Credit is only available for expenses incurred on children under 13 years old. More information on this tax credit can be found online.