Grants and Scholarships for Veterans Going Back to College

The desire to return to school is not always enough when you consider the cost of a college degree. There are many grants and scholarships available for returning veterans to help make college more affordable.

A public two-year university will cost approximately $3,500 a year. A public four-year university will cost about $9,000 a year. The cost can vary depending on whether the college is public or privately run. A degree can cost you thousands of dollars. But the good news, according to research, you’ll likely earn more in your career if you have one. 

Federal Pell Grant

Veterans who meet income criteria can apply for Pell Grants. These grants are available to anyone who has not yet received a college degree. The maximum amount for 2019-2020 is $6,195. Your grant amount is determined by your school’s cost, whether you attend full-time or part-time, and if it will be for a full academic year.

The grant is considered a gift that will help you to get an education and improve your financial situation. The Pell Grant will be paid directly by the college if you are eligible. The grant can be continued as long as your income is low and you have not earned a first degree or 12 semesters. The college where you plan to study can help you apply for the Federal Pell Grant. Ask for the application at their financial aid office.

Tillman Scholar Program

Pat Tillman, a former NFL footballer, decided to join forces with the military after 9/11 and fight for his country. In his memory and honor, his family and close friends established the Tillman Scholar Program after he died in Afghanistan. 

Veterans who return to college can apply for grants and scholarships through the program. The average grant is $10,000, which can be used to pay for books, tuition, fees and living expenses. You must be a veteran, active military member, or pursuing a college degree to qualify. The Tillman Scholar Program offers college grants online.

AMVETS Scholarships

American Veterans (AMVETS), offers a scholarship for veterans. Each year, the application period is from January to April. Two college scholarships are available for veterans or active military personnel, while two other scholarships are offered to the children or grandchildren. The AMVETS Scholarship is worth $4,000 while the Dr. Aurelio Caccumo Memorial Scholarship is worth $12,000. AMVETS Scholarships can be applied for online.

The American Legion Scholarships

The American Legion has as its mission to help veterans. Veterans who return to college can apply for scholarships. The Samsung American Legion Scholarship is one of the many scholarships they offer. Every year, the program awards scholarships to many people. The program awards 10 $10,000 scholarships, 10 $5,000 scholarships, and several $1,250 ones.