Free Scholarships for Veterans

Scholarships may help veterans who want to attend college but think it is too expensive. Many places offer scholarships across the country. Veterans can benefit from these free scholarships to make obtaining a degree easier and more affordable. Scholarships can be a valuable resource for veterans who want to continue their education but need help paying the tuition.

Scholarships are offered by many sources including organizations and groups of interest. They can be a great help in paying for college. People are increasingly in need of financial assistance as the cost of college continues to increase. Veterans who have a college degree are more likely to earn more in their careers and experience lower unemployment rates. You may also be eligible for multiple scholarships, which can help you lower your tuition costs even further.


Every year, the group American Veterans awards scholarships. The group offers scholarships to veterans as well as their families. Their program awards two veterans’ scholarships each year. One is $4,000, and the other is $12,000. Each scholarship will be paid out in four installments over a period of four years to the winner. The scholarship application period runs from January to April. Winners are announced in May. 

You must be a U.S. citizen, a veteran with an honorable discharge, possess a GED or high school diploma, be accepted into a college, or enrolled, and have no outstanding student loans. You must not have been convicted of a drug offense to be eligible. Online applications are available for AMVETS Scholarships. The AMVETS scholarship application is free.


This organization offers Educational Foundation and Chapter Scholarships. They provide financial aid to those who wish to pursue a college degree. There are many different scholarships available, all with a specific focus. These include diversity scholarships and ROTC scholarships, STEM teacher scholarships, and Memorial scholarships. 

The amount of the award ranges between $2,500 and $3,000 per individual. Some awards have eligibility requirements, such as being female, a member of a minority or studying in a specific subject. These awards are available to veterans and military personnel. You can apply for the scholarships at no cost.

Wings Over America

The foundation offers several scholarships per year. These include renewable awards or awards for four years. Scholarships are available to students attending college or trade/technical schools. The average award for a scholarship is $3,800. The scholarship does not cover room and board. The organization offers 50 scholarships each year to veterans, military personnel and their families. The application window is open from October to March. Wings Over America Scholarship program applications can be submitted online. The application for scholarships is free.

Pat Tillman Foundation

In memory of Pat Tillman, the Pat Tillman Foundation offers veterans, military personnel, and their families an opportunity to further their education. Former professional footballer, he quit his career after the September 11 attacks to join the military. In his honor, his family and friends created the foundation. He died in the line-of-duty. The Tillman Scholar Program is a scholarship program that the organization runs every year. 

The average scholarship is $10,000. You must be a veteran of any branch and pursuing a degree in an accredited institution to be eligible. Every year, the application window opens in February. Online applications are available for the Tillman Scholar Program. The application is free and there are no repayment requirements for the scholarship.