College Grants for Veterans

The average college cost is estimated to be increasing eight times faster than the wage. The cost of college is increasing, but wages are not. People will still earn more on average with a college education. Many veterans are unable to afford college tuition. College grants for veterans can help reduce the cost to earn a degree.

Grants are not loans and do not have to be repaid. Grants are financial gifts given to help people meet their goals and needs. Veterans can benefit from a number of college grants that make it easier to pay for an education. The grants will not only help you pay for your college tuition but will also put you in a position to get a higher-paying job. College grants are available from the federal government as well as private and nonprofit organizations.

Pell Grants

The federal government provides college grants called Pell Grants. Veterans with low incomes can apply for these grants. The grant is available as long as the veteran continues to meet the requirements. Each year, you will have to apply for the grant. You must also be pursuing a college degree and attending an accredited institution to qualify. 

You can go to college part-time or full-time and get a Pell Grant. You can receive a maximum of $6,195 in Pell Grants per year. These funds can be used for tuition, books and other related expenses. Online applications are available for the Pell Grant.

Imagine America Foundation

The organization provides grants to veterans, even those who have been honorably discharged. Each college grant is $1,000. Grants are available for people who want to attend a trade school. You can enroll in over 550 different programs. The college grant is only available to students who are enrolled in school, active military personnel or veterans, and have a financial hardship. Online applications are available for the Imagine America Foundation’s college grant.

Legacy Scholarship Program

The Army Women’s Foundation offers this college grant program. This program provides college grants for female veterans to help them achieve their professional and personal goals. The program offers college grants to those attending accredited educational institutions. 

College grants are awarded based on an array of criteria, including financial need, academic ability, merit and community service. Also, letters of recommendation are taken into consideration. Each year they offer two college grants, one of $1,000 and another of $2,000.

Paralyzed Veterans of America

This organization provides college grants to veterans who have been paralyzed. Other eligibility requirements include being an American citizen and being enrolled full-time or part-time in college. Each year, the program awards 10 $1,000 grants. Each year, the application period is from January to June. Each year you can apply for the grant. 

Previous grant recipients can apply for another. Print the application and mail it to them. The grant isn’t paid directly to the student. The grant is paid directly to your college and credited to your account. You will be asked to submit proof of your college enrollment and transcripts when you apply.