Grants for Veterans that Help with Telephone Bills

Average monthly cell phone bills in the United States are around $80. Most people still consider a cell phone essential, even if it is only for emergencies. Some people who are on a tight budget or have low incomes may not be in a position to pay a monthly bill. It can be stressful for those who don’t know how to contact someone in an emergency. There are grants available to help veterans with their telephone bills.

You can maintain continuous phone access by getting a grant to help pay your phone bill. It’s great to know that grants are available, whether you need them for an emergency, to contact your social worker, to look for a new job or to stay in touch with family members. Check with each location that offers a phone grant to find out the details of eligibility and how to get one.

Lifeline Assistance

The federal government funds this program. The program is designed to make a phone more affordable for all people, including veterans. This program is offered in all 50 states. If you qualify for Lifeline Assistance you only pay $9.25 a month on your phone bill. This amount can be paid for a landline or cell phone. 

Your government will pay the rest of your monthly phone bill. Instead of sending you a grant, the government will pay your phone provider directly. You must be low-income to qualify for Lifeline Assistance. You must first locate the Lifeline Assistance administrator for your state to apply for the grant.

Cell Phones for Soldiers

This organization started a program to provide soldiers and veterans with smartphones and grant money to purchase them. They also have a veterans’ program. The Helping Heroes Home Program helps veterans pay for their communication costs. The program provides grants to veterans in order to pay their phone bills. The organization also provides prepaid calling cards to veterans in addition to grants. Online applications are available.


Verizon, one of the biggest cell phone providers in America, offers help to veterans and their family members. As a way to thank military families for their service, Verizon offers a discounted rate. Veterans can get their Go Unlimited program for $30 per month. 

You will need to sign up for the program each month and verify your veteran status. Veterans can save a lot with their discount program, which is essentially a monthly grant to help them pay for their bill. Go Unlimited can be applied for online.


They offer veterans a discount as they are one of the biggest cell phone providers. AT&T offers a discount for your cell phone, but you can also get a discount on the internet bill. The veteran program gives you 25% off each month on your phone bill. 

The company offers a wide range of coverage across the country. This makes it simple and reliable to get a discount on cellular phone service. With their program, you also get unlimited texting or talking. Sign up online for the program.