Popular Charities that Help Veterans with Bills

Veterans in difficult financial situations may have difficulty paying their bills. It can be stressful, as it is difficult to pay for your monthly basic needs. Numerous programs are available across the country to help you pay your bills and ease the financial burden. There are several charities that assist veterans with their bills.

All over the country, you can find charities. Most charities were formed to support a specific cause. Some charities work to end hunger, poverty or homelessness. Popular charities also help veterans pay their bills. These charities can help veterans who are short on money. Veterans can get help if they know where to look.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities helps people with low incomes by providing food, finding affordable housing and other services. Some veterans will also be helped with their bills. To receive financial aid, you must be on a low income and show that you need help. 

The type of bill you want help with will also determine whether or not they can assist. The more basic bills, like your water or energy bill, they will help you pay. Use the map on their website to locate the nearest Catholic Charities office to inquire about help. Ask your local Catholic Charities if they can help you with bills.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has locations all over the country. It is a church-affiliated charity with a mission to assist those in need. The Salvation Army is affiliated with the Protestant church. They will assist people in obtaining food boxes, hot meals and shelter beds. Some veterans will be helped with their bills. Find the Salvation Army branch closest to you and ask if they help veterans pay their bills. You must be on a low income to qualify.

St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul is a charity that is affiliated with Catholicism. There are locations all over the country, and they offer programs to assist those in financial need. Some locations offer assistance with bills in addition to food pantries. Find your local St. Vincent de Paul office and contact them for more information about the programs that they offer to veterans.

United Way Worldwide

United Way is a charity that helps people all over the country. The United Way offers people assistance with housing, food and more. It is also a popular charity that helps veterans pay their bills. Many smaller charities that help veterans pay their bills are popular in local communities. 

United Way Worldwide provides information about smaller local charities who will assist veterans with their bills. You can get information about local charities that will help you pay your bills. This includes electric, heating and cooling, and water bills. Their 2-1-1 service can help you find smaller, popular charities that are willing to assist with your bills. You can then contact the charities directly once you have this information.