Grants for Veterans without Health Insurance

We all need health insurance to get the care we require. Many people decide to forgo health insurance due to its high cost. Without health insurance, you may be faced with large bills and a stressful time trying to pay them. There are grants available for veterans without health insurance. These grants can ease the burden, allowing them to get the treatment they need.

Some people are eligible for free health insurance, but others are not. They are people that earn too much to qualify for free health care, but not enough to afford their own insurance. Many people are looking for help to pay for health care services as rates continue to increase. Veterans with no health coverage can benefit from the grants available.


Medicaid is the nation’s largest program for free health care. It is funded by the federal government. The program provides free services to those who qualify, such as doctor visits, hospitalizations, dental and vision care. You must have a very low income to qualify for this program. Medicaid will help you get the prescription medications you need. Those who qualify can receive long-term coverage through the program. Medicaid applications can be submitted at the local social services office.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

CHIP is available to veterans who don’t have insurance for their kids. This program offers health insurance to those who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to purchase their own insurance. The program is administered in each state and available throughout the United States. Over 9 million children are covered under CHIP. 

It covers doctor’s visits, hospitalization, vision and dental care, prescriptions, and prescription drugs. The program also covers behavioral health, immunizations and well-child visits. You must meet income requirements to qualify. You can apply for assistance at the local office of social services.

Disability Benefits

Veterans who are disabled can receive benefits under the Social Security Disability Program. The government provides financial aid to those who have been deemed disabled. You will receive a grant for your health insurance. You will need to submit proof of your disability, as well as your social security number and address details. Disability applications can be submitted online.

Basic Medical

Veterans can receive the Basic Medical Benefits package offered by Veterans Affairs. Veterans can receive a variety of health care services through the VA’s Health Care Package, which includes outpatient care and inpatient care. It also offers diagnostics, primary doctor appointments, specialty doctor appointments, and preventative healthcare. Online applications are available for the VA Basic Medical Program.

Operation Family Fund

Operation Family Fund provides cash grants to veterans who do not have health insurance. Operation Family Fund provides cash grants to veterans in need. Grants can be used for medical expenses. You must have served in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom and been injured during service to qualify for a Grant from Operation Family Fund. Operation Family Fund offers online grant applications.