Free or Low-Cost Credit Counseling to Veterans

Credit can make or break your ability to buy a house, get a car loan and sometimes even land a job. It is important to have good credit to be able to accomplish many things and to avoid spending money on finance charges. There are many organizations that provide free or low cost credit counseling for veterans. This can help clean up your bad credit.

Importance of Credit Counseling

Americans are estimated to owe $1.4 trillion on credit cards. It can be disastrous to add student loans, auto loans, mortgages and other debts. Most people are aware of how to get credit, but don’t understand how to keep it good or fix it when they have bad credit. Credit counseling can help.

You can ask for help from someone who is familiar with the process and knows what to do. Many organizations offer credit counseling at no or low cost to veterans. This can change the life of someone with poor credit, or even those who want to improve their credit. These programs will guide you in addressing your credit issues and working towards excellent credit.

The Organizations that Offer Credit Counseling

US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)

Veterans across the country can receive financial counseling from the VA, including credit counseling. This program helps you assess your credit score and create a personalized financial plan. You will receive the guidance and basic information you need on how to improve your credit and financial situation. Online applications are available for this program.

America’s Debt Help Organization

The program is designed to help veterans across the country. They will create a plan for you and help you find debt relief options. They offer VA personal loans and debt consolidation as part of their credit counseling service. Credit counseling is not just for veterans. It’s also available to active-duty military. Also, they can help military spouses who are in debt with credit counseling. You can apply online for the program.

National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)

This national organization provides credit counseling for veterans and active military. The low-cost credit counseling for veterans includes financial counseling and personal finance. It also covers debt management, bankruptcy assistance, and bankruptcy support. They can help you get out of debt, purchase a home, plan for retirement and manage your finances. All of their counselors are certified. You can apply online for their programs.


Money Management International offers low-cost credit counseling for veterans. Financial education, customized courses and activities are provided. They will also help you create a personalized financial plan that will help you reach your goals. Also, they offer programs on credit counseling, debt counseling, housing, bankruptcy, student loan counseling and more. 

They offer financial and educational workshops as well as a program that helps veterans and military personnel to reconnect with their families and settle in after they return from service. Online applications are available for all of their programs.